Urban Communities

After his term as the Mayor of Helsinki Mr. Vapaavuori has continued to forward the well-being and success of urban communities globally. He is committed to using his experience as a Mayor and leadership experience during the Covid-19 pandemic to help cities towards smarter, sustainable and fairer future with the help of insight from digitalization, data, urban planning, communications, strategy and holistic leadership. He believes that the success of urban communities will lead to a more equitable world.

Global Urban Affairs

Mr. Vapaavuori has a keen interest in global urban affairs and he participates actively in numerous international platforms. He currently serves at the Bloomberg New Economy Cities Council. He speaks frequently at international platforms and events.

Urban Development

Mr. Vapaavuori serves as Executive Chairman, Neighorhood Development at Urban Partners, the leading real estate investor and innovator in the Nordics, and as a Board Member at Miltton Group, the leading Nordic advisor in communications, leadership, marketing, insight and stakeholder relations.

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