Promotion of Finnish companies in Indonesia, a roundtable discussion for Finnish and Indonesian companies, Indonesia

On behalf of the Finnish Government and my delegation, I want to thank you for your warm reception in Jakarta and organizing this interesting roundtable session. It is a great honor and pleasure for me to visit Indonesia with a dynamic Finnish business delegation, which has brought here top-level decision makers and specialists from Indonesian Government and industries.

The goal of this visit is to explore opportunities to increase bilateral trade, investments and innovations, as well as enhance existing cooperation between Finnish and Indonesian companies.

In Finland we strongly believe in international collaboration and want to link to the diverse global networks. Growth markets like Indonesia are becoming more and more important for our companies. Indonesia is the biggest economy in South-East Asia. The fundaments of Indonesian economy are strong and its economic development has continued in the growth path despite the economic downturn. The growth potential of the country is enormous. We look forward to finding partners in this dynamic environment.

The strength of the Finnish economy and industries complement perfectly development needs and challenges of Indonesian economy. Finnish companies are global leaders in many fields such as in cleantech, mining, offshore and marine technology, pulp and paper, energy production and distribution, energy efficiency, clean energy and renewables, sustainable mining, water and waste management and infrastructure development. Many Finnish companies offer high-quality niche technologies and smart solutions tailored into customers’ needs.

Majority of Finnish companies in Indonesian market are working in the fields of telecommunication, energy, pulp and paper, machinery and equipment. There is still a lot of untapped potential in our relations, for example in renewable energy, game industry, education and harbour and mining technology.

The companies in my delegation represent state of the art expertise in their respective fields. They offer various high-end solutions in the sectors like information technology, pulp and paper, mining and metal, energy, cleantech and waste management, as well as transport and logistics. For its part, the business delegation is very interested in identifying new areas of co-operation as well as strengthening the existing business contacts with Indonesian counterparts. I strongly encourage Indonesian companies to network with these companies and explore the solutions, services and applications they offer.

We are willing to discuss on collaboration possibilities, which will hopefully lead to concrete actions between Finnish and Indonesian companies. We are willing to share our experiencies and lessons learnt when there are win-win synergies to both parties.

In many international comparisons, Finland has been ranked among the most successful nations in the world. In particular, we are respected for our achievements in R&D, educational results, use of ICT and knowledge management. Finland’s success in international surveys lies in long-term investments in education, science, technology and innovation. In terms of GDP, Finnish government investment in research and development is one the highest in the world.

Finnish innovation and business environment is an effective network of public-private partnerships, well-functioning cooperation infrastructures and low borders between enterprises, universities, research institutions and public sector. With persistent long-term efforts and public-private sector collaboration we have succeeded in protecting our nature, developing efficient and globally competitive industries, as well as building cutting-edge expertise in solving for example environmental problems.

Finland is a stable, knowledge and solution-based economy, where reliability and expertise are widely available. It makes the country an ideal test bed for new solutions and technologies.

Naturally, I would also like to encourage more Indonesian investments to Finland, which is an ideal gateway between the East and the West. Finland’s long experience of trade in Northern Europe, combined with the historical and cultural ties to neighboring countries, offers valuable insight and knowledge into the region. Investing into Finland offers an opportunity to raise Indonesian industries’ competence and know how.

In international markets new demanding challenges are many and they affect governments and companies alike. As a small country Finland is highly dependent on foreign trade and global networks.

As an export oriented economy Finland is in favor of lowering trade barriers. We believe that globalisation and free trade based on WTO agreement are part of the solution to overcome economic downturn and also the best fuel for companies to thrive. When we are looking at trade between Finland and Indonesia, it is clear that our industries are not so much competing with each other. Indonesian industry benefits from the type of investment goods and high-technology solutions, which the Finnish industry can offer.

We are waiting for positive results from the WTO Ministerial Meeting in Bali in December this year. It would also be important that the negotiations on a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) between EU and Indonesia will show progress. An agreement with reliable enforcement would greatly enhance the possibilities for trade and investments between our regions and would be good news for the world economy as well.

I am confident that this visit gives us new perspectives and offers expanding opportunities for Finnish companies and Indonesian business community to establish new networks, as well as to strengthen already existing relations.

I strongly encourage Indonesian high-level decision-makers and business circles to visit Finland in order to raise our know-how on Indonesia’s economic potential, as well as get acquainted with Finnish companies and their offering.